There are two main reasons why a household might have a type of Unknown:

1) The number of persons reported to be in the household differs from the number of surveys that were submitted.  This could be a result of the wrong number of persons identified as being in the household or one or more of the surveys for the members of household were not submitted.

2) Surveys were submitted for all household members, however, one or more of the surveys was not completed.  This could be a result of the survey not requiring a response to questions such as “Where are you sleeping tonight?” or “Have you already been interviewed for the Point in Time count?” and the user inadvertently tapping “Submit Survey” before completing the response to these questions.  NOTE: It is strongly encouraged to have these fields required in order to avoid the potential for this issue.

How this relates to the HUD PIT Report:
The command center calculates and stores “Household Type” as a field based on all responses that are non-archived for that household.  If the household type can be calculated, that will be done regardless of another member having unknown data. For example: 

  • A household survey with information for at least one adult and one child will be reported as an “Adult & Children” Household Type on the report, even if age information was not provided for other member(s) of the household.
  • A household survey that only contains age information for Adults or Children, but not both, will be classified as “Unknown.”  If this is to occur, then none of the responses will be included in the Point in Time Report as there is no section within the report to display counts for households of an “Unknown” type.  For data quality checks, there is a row flagging any persons with Unknown Household types. Please see this FAQ for information on resolving those household types.