Interested in Volunteering for the HUD Point In Time (PIT) Homeless Count?
Communities around the US are actively recruiting volunteers to participate in the upcoming HUD "Point In Time" homeless count. If you would like to participate in the count, and see your region listed below, simply click the link provided and complete the Volunteer Registration form.

2022 Point in Time Homeless Count Volunteer Opportunities

Butte County, CA: January 26th

Louisiana Balance of State: January 26th

Dallas, TX: February 24th

Marion and Polk, OR:

Detroit, MI: January 26-27th

Santa Barbara, CA: February 23rd

Houston, TX: January 25-27th

Stanislaus County, CA: January 27th

Humboldt, CA: January 26th

Tennessee Valley, TN: January 26th

Jackson County, OR: January 24th

Texas Balance of State: January 27th

Jacksonville, FL: January 26th

Toledo, OH: January 26-27th

Kansas City, MO: January 27-28th

W Virginia Balance of State: January 26th

A Note to Point In Time Count Administrators...
If your community is not listed above, and you would like to have details for your count added, please fill out this Contact Us form and include any link(s) you would like to share as well as the anticipated date of your count in the Message section. In support of your recruitment efforts, we have created royalty-free graphics to go along with your posts on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Click here to access these free social media graphic packs.

  Survey Conducted in Library in CT Image Credit: Becky Bombera, New Haven Independent