The Data Quality section of the HUD PIT Report includes a row identifying the number of persons with an Unknown Household Type; the report is hyperlinked to the detail of that number.

Additionally, on the List view of the Responses, you can sort the Household Type Column reverse-alphabetically to bring any potential Unknown Households to the top together.

  • Select the text of the Household ID and copy it to your clipboard.
  • Then, click on the Filters button. Within the Command Center Responses tab, there is now a Household ID filter and a Household Type filter.  These filters carry over to the Export and the PIT report. 
  • Paste in the Household ID that was copied previously to view the submissions for the entire household.
  • Scroll to the bottom and expand the Default Filters options. Uncheck the boxes next to the filters to allow the responses to appear.
    • Look at the Responses now displayed in the List view.
      • If the number of responses matches the Number in the Household, there is likely one or more household member who did not have a complete survey.
      • If that information is known, it can be entered into the record by opening the record and updating the information. If it is not, approximate information may be entered to allow the household member to be included in the HUD PIT Report totals.
      • At least an age range will be needed, so the report will know where to include each person (i.e., Adult, Child, and/or Youth population).
    To learn more about why there may be an Unknown Household Type, please see this FAQ.