Instructions for Customizing Your Point in Time Survey Questions

The Point in Time Homeless Survey, linked to on our Resources page, can be used to assist the Simtech team in modifying the Unsheltered Point in Time Survey to meet your local needs while still collecting what is required for HUD.  The responses to these questions will be gathered in the Point in Time Regional Command Center and be available for export in a CSV data file.  The questions to be added can have any type of response type including text, number, date, drop-down, radio button or check box. Note that while the wording of the HUD required questions can be altered, the response values must remain as is if your region would like to be able to produce the Point in Time report from the regional command center.  

Please open the survey in Microsoft Word or Google Docs, use track changes and comments to make your edits, and send it back to Once received, the Simtech Team will update the survey and share for your review and approval.


Instructions for using Track Changes in Word and "Suggested Edits" in Google Docs...

Microsoft Word
Turning on Track Change using Microsoft Word, or Suggested Edits using Google Docs, allows agencies and the Simtech Team to easily keep track of the changes that need to be made to the survey. These change tracking features allow everyone to clearly see what edits have been made and greatly speeds up the amount of time spent on finalizing custom questions. 

Using Microsoft Word Track Change 

1.      Go to Review on the Ribbon. 

2.      In the Review group in the middle, click the Track Changes button and from the drop-down select Track Changes. 

3.      Either click the Track Changes button (PC) or toggle the Track Changes switch (Mac). 

4.      Make sure that agencies change ‘Simple Markup’ to ‘All Markup’ from the drop-down bar next to Track Changes. 

5.      Once Track Changes is turned on, agencies can start editing the document. Any changes agencies make to the text will be marked by a grey bar on the left side of the changed text. 

When agencies add text, the added text will be in a different color to the normal text – making easy to spot for reviewers. 

Here is a link for additional help with Microsoft Word. 

Google Docs
In Docs, tracked changes are called "suggested edits." Here's how to enable them: 

1.      Open the Sample Unsheltered Point in Time Survey document at 

2.      In the top right, click Editing and then Suggesting. If this option is missing, ask the file owner to allow suggest changes. 

3.      Edit the document.  Anything changed will appear in a new color. Anything delete will be crossed out. To add more detail, click suggestion and type a comment. Then click Reply. 

The owner of the file will receive an email about the suggestions and can decide whether to keep them.  Here is a link for additional help with Google Docs.