While the entire data set can be filtered and sorted within the Command Center, some users might prefer to work with the data in Excel.  This can be done by clicking on the Export icon found within either the Map or List view of the Responses tab within the Command Center.


After clicking "Export", the user can choose to export all of the fields, or select custom fields, into Excel.  You can also choose to export all of the records, or just the ones that have been filtered using any of the filtering techniques. By default, the data export excludes any records that have been archived but you can choose to include these also if you wish.  

Once the data is in Excel, you can analyze it within the spreadsheet or export it into other programs for deeper analysis and visualization.  The data can be sorted and filtered simply by clicking on the "Data" tab within Excel as shown below.  

Guidance on more advanced techniques that can be applied supported with the aid of Excel, including identifying potential duplicate surveys so that they can be archived, can be found here.