From the results page of the Command Center, and select the layer that you want to report over. You can then select the specific area that you want to see. This filters the data.

This short video provides an overview of the map features in


The step by step instructions for providing a region with their geo-spatial data are as follows…


  1. Log into the command center and go to the Responses tab.
  2. Click Filters and choose “Basic Filters” then choose the Observation Tally and the Unsheltered Survey.
  3. Click on the map tab (if you aren’t there already). Choose “Census Place (City/Town)” from the Layers dropdown in the bottom right.
  4. Select the region(s) you want to show results for.
  5. Click on Export, leave it as is so it shows filtered records, and then click Export.
  6. Open up the exported data set and consider clearing out the name fields. If you want to keep them in there then click File / Save As / More Options / Tools / General Options and give the spreadsheet a password that they will have to enter. Save the spreadsheet and send it along. The GPS coordinates are in the table.

In order to provide a report for a region, it is the same process as steps 1-4 above. Instead of exporting the data though you would click on Reports | HUD PIT Report | and just click “Run Report” as that will run it over the same filtered data set.


Here are some screenshots to help you follow along with the steps. 


Go to your activity and select the Responses tab, then select the Create Report tab where you can run the report over selected areas, or the entire region.  

And, you can also export all of the data, including custom questions, for the filtered area.