Count Administrators can change the status of an activity within the Command Center in order to conduct trainings and testing without worrying about the survey data being mixed in with the results from the actual event.

To accomplish this, click on the Settings icon in the top right corner, and use the dropdown highlighted below to change the Status of the activity. The three available Status options are "Testing", "Active", and "Archive".  When the activity status is set to "Testing", the bar at the top of the Command Center will be yellow.  Users of the Counting Us app will also see a similar yellow bar on the top of the Survey Selection screen that will let them know that the Count Activity is in Testing mode.  

Immediately prior to conducting the Point in Time Count, the Count Administrator should log into the Command Center and change the status from "Testing" to "Active".  A green bar will be displayed once this change has been made.  The Count Admin can also click on the "Make Active" icon shown below to perform this step.

The data that is collected while an activity is in testing mode is separated from any data that is collected while in active mode. Therefore when you switch to Active mode, the data entered during Testing is hidden and unavailable, and is also excluded from all reports.

The "Archive" status can be used if you would like to disable the Count activity altogether.  No data is deleted when a count activity is moved to Archive status but no changes can be made to the data until it is moved back to "Active" or "Testing". The bar on top of the Command Center will be grey for archived count activities.