Counting Us can be customized to support data collection that extends beyond the traditional HUD Point in Time homeless count.  Examples of activities supported by these optional surveys include:

Disaster Recovery
Counting Us was used by Houston, TX and the Texas Balance of State CoCs in the wake of hurriance Harvey to capture key information from over 2,000 evacuees.  Since hurricane Harvey hit, Simtech staff have worked with staff from both communities to build and refine a disaster response survey, found here.  Details on the role that Simtech Solutions and Counting Us played as part of the recovery process can be found in this write-up from the Houston Coalition for the Homeless.  

Youth Counts
Regions around the US are conducting separate point in time counts that are specifically targeted for homeless youth.  Simtech Solutions worked with the Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness to develop a tailored survey that takes the unique needs of youth, as well as the expanded McKinney-Vento definition of homelessness, into consideration.  More details on how Counting Us can support youth counts can be provided here

Project Homeless Connect (PHC)
Many towns and cities around the US conduct a periodic Project Homeless Connect event to engage with people experiencing homelessness and provide a "one-stop shop" to provide benefits and services.  The PHC survey enables staff and volunteers to capture details from attendees along with information on their needs for services and resources.  

Vehicle and Structure Counts
Many communities around the US are seeing a rise in people living in vehicles and makeshift shelters.  To quantify the number of people living in these situations, without requiring volunteers disrespect the privacy of the people living inside, we have developed survey logic specifically for the purposes of counting vehicles and structures and for subsequently creating estimated counts of people.