These training videos provide an overview of the technical framework and should answer the majority of questions that you might have.  You can also find answers to questions about the HUD Point in Time Count, the Counting Us mobile app, and the Point in Time Regional Command Center in these FAQs.  

Still can't find the answer to your question?  No worries.  Please just submit a ticket to our virtual help desk and a member of our support team will get back to you shortly.  

The Training for Count Admins video playlist contains 11 videos that go in-depth on how to use the Counting Us mobile app, setting up in the Regional Command Center, customizing your survey, setting up your volunteer portal, and monitoring/cleaning your data for the HUD PIT Report.
Updated January 2022: The Getting Started with Counting Us video explains how to create an account after downloading Counting Us on your mobile device and how to get started counting for your Point in Time Count.
The Why Use Known Locations video explains how identifying hot spots, or known locations, can help with Point in Time Count planning and strategic use of volunteer resources.
The "Point in Time Regional Command Center: Overview for Count Administrators" is a two minute video that highlights the basic features within the Command Center. Additional team management and sampling features are also available.

The "Sheltered Providers Counting Us Point in Time Count Training Video" is a nine minute video that teaches shelter providers how to access Counting Us, register for an account, and get started counting! It is a training video specifically created for Sheltered Providers participating in the sheltered annual point in time count. This video can be accompanied by a pdf guide for shelter providers.

The "Tools to Automate the Point in Time Count" video provides an overview of the Counting Us mobile app along with details about the Point in Time Regional Command Center that is used to receive and manage the survey information gathered from the app.

The "Point in Time Framework" video provides details on the tools and services provided by Simtech Solutions to gather and report on data from the various sheltered and unsheltered sources that contribute to the Point In Time homeless census.
The Map Views in the Regional Command Center video highlights how the mapping features within the Regional Command Center can be used to filter survey records to show results for just particular portions of a community.  This is helpful for supporting a localized response to homelessness and helps address "NIMBYism" by demonstrating the need within a region for additional housing.