There is a need to understand youth homelessness differently than homelessness that impacts adults and families. HUD has very strict definitions of homelessness, for purposes of CoC funding, that differs from how youth homelessness is defined by other Federal programs. This chart shows how youth homelessness is defined by HUD, the Department of Education, and according to the Runaway and Homeless Youth Act.

The optional Youth Count survey within the Counting Us app has been tailored to collect information from homeless youth in a manner that is broader than the HUD definition.  By asking a youth "Where are you sleeping?" we are able to provide figures to all Federal partners by only counting the youth that meet each partner's specific definition of homelessness.

Simtech recently supported the State of Connecticut’s youth count during which more than 5,000 surveys were conducted of homeless and precariously housed youth.  The survey was designed specifically for this population and are personalized so that only questions that are relevant to the person being interviewed are asked. 

Click here for five reasons why it is important to conduct a youth-specific homeless count.  Please contact us if you would like more information on using Counting Us, and the Regional Command Center, to help conduct youth homeless counts in your area. 

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