The boundaries that are displayed will depend on the setup within the Command Center and whether or not the user has been assigned to a region, or a count team within a region.  In order for the tracts to be displayed they must be assigned to the region and/or count team by the count administrator.

If a user is assigned to a region, but not to a team, they will see the tracts assigned to that region.

       If a user is assigned to both a team and a region, the map will display the census tracts designated to the volunteer’s count team.

Counting Us region maps

  Counting Us count team maps

For activities with sampling enabled, all the above rules still apply, but a different style is applied to the tracts to indicate their designation and whether they should be sampled. For an activity with sampling enabled and region/team management disabled, instead of seeing the outline of the activity geography, they will see all tracts in the activity, with the above mentioned styling applied.