Regions throughout the country used Simtech's Counting Us mobile app and the Regional Command Center hosted at to conduct Point in Time counts of people experiencing homelessness.  The app has also been used in Texas to support the disaster recovery efforts after hurricane Harvey.  The media coverage below provides an overview of Simtech's innovative use of technology to help those who make it their life's work to help others obtain and sustain housing.  Thank you to these regions for inviting us to help support their work.  

How Spokane is radically reinventing its yearly homeless count
D. Walters, January 4, 2018

Good for Business | Business for Good
D. Talarico, October 30, 2017, Bentley Magazine

Hundreds volunteer for annual Point-In-Time homeless census,
C. Gonzalez, January 26, 2017, ABC KSAT Channel 12 (San Antonio, Texas)

Homeless Count Brings 1,300 Volunteers for Downtown Dallas
C. Gilmore, January 26, 2017, Channel 5 (Dallas, Texas)

Hundreds take to the streets of San Antonio for Annual Homeless Count
C. Ramaldi, January 27, 2017, News 4 San Antonio (San Antonio, Texas)

Bexar County holds rally to count and help the homeless
KENS 5, January 26, 2017. (Bexar County, TX)

350 Volunteers Expected to Join Mayor Menino for 34th Annual Homeless Census, December 16, 2013. (Boston, MA)

Can Data Have a Heart?
G. Keillor, National Recreation and Park Association, September 1, 2016

Annual count gives glimpse into homelessness 
D. Furguson, January 24, 2017, Argus Leader (South Dakota)

Join the effort to end homelessness with the upcoming homeless census
J. Janosko, January 11, 2017, Partnership for Strong Communities (Connecticut)

Opening the Doors to New Solutions
The Planning Council, June 2016. (Virginia)

Point-in-Time count of New Bedford's homeless underway
T. Weisberg, January 25, 2017, 1420 WBSM (New Bedford, MA)