The "Users" tab on the bottom left-hand navigation represents the list of all accounts that are connected to your specific datastore. For example, all users that can submit responses for the "Demonstration Datastore" through the setup key "DEMO" will be included in this list.

The list of users can be searched by first name, last name, and email address. The word "test" will be used to search the demonstration datastore users as seen below.

The filter option allows the list to be grouped by the different user roles. When using this, please remember to clear the filter when done by hitting the "gray X" under the filter's role choice.

After finding the user account to make changes to, left-click on the user's information to bring up the account information as seen below.

The permissions tab allows user roles to be changed and for accounts to be deleted. Clicking on the "red X" will delete the selected account. In order to change a user role, click on the name of the current role, "Admin", to bring up the drop-down menu and make the new selection.

Managing users can be made easier by sorting the available fields. In the image below, the "last submission" date is being sorted in ascending order to help identify non-active accounts.