The Region and Count Team Management supports a sub-region views into the data for local Region Admins by showing only the data that has been collected by users that are assigned to their particular region. Enabling this enhanced feature allows local leaders to engage in the Count by being able to log into the Regional Command Center to monitor and maintain incoming data submitted by members of their region. This encourages local control without exposing data for the entire region and helps to spread out the responsibility of managing the count. Guidance on how to use this functionality can be found on this PDF.

The images below illustrate an example of Region and Count Team areas defined within the Command Center.

All regions will be found under the Activities' region page.

The region named "Auburn" is shown below where coverage has been defined by the 15 census tracts that are shown in green with respect to the entire Count area that is shown in gray.

The teams for the region are shown below with coverage shown in blue with respect to the entire region area shown in gray.