The Counting Us Mobile App and Command Center provide mobile technology, and a data store to receive data from it, for counting both people living on the streets as well as for counting people residing in shelters that are not using HMIS.

Whenever possible, regions should rely on HMIS for data for the sheltered homeless population on the night of the Point in Time Count. However, some projects do not use HMIS at all, or the quality is so poor that it is not usable. In these situations, some regions are using the Counting Us mobile app, or web version, and the Command Center to collect the data necessary for the sheltered report for HUD.

Both the Unsheltered and Sheltered project-level reports can be generated directly from within the Command Center.

  • The Unsheltered Report includes data collected from all non-archived Unsheltered Surveys and Observation Surveys within the selected area. To produce this report, simply click on "Surveys", "Generate Summary Report", select "Unsheltered", and then click "Generate Report".
  • The sheltered surveys within Counting Us provide the ability for users to select the Organization and Project for which they are collecting information. These Organizations and Projects need to be set up in the Regional Command Center first however or the user will not be able to select their project.  This can be done by a regional administrator from within the Command Center simply by clicking on "Projects" in the left hand navigation bar. The process for creating the Sheltered Summary Report is similar as to producing the Unsheltered Summary Report as described above.
  • You will need to submit a ticket or contact Simtech Solutions to add the Sheltered Survey to your activity. Once you do, that survey will be available for Organizations and Projects that have been added to the Command Center.

NOTE: Information from domestic violence (DV) projects should not be collected within the Counting Us app as the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) precludes their participation. If you have a DV project for which you are in need of a data collection tool please submit a ticket to our help desk and we will be in touch with a solution that does not require data to be hosted. 

The app with the shelter survey included:


Adding projects to your datastore:

Generating a Report: