In addition to the core technical framework, Simtech Solutions offers a wide range of additional services to support your region's count. Pricing for these services is based on a time and materials basis with estimates provided upon request. 

We can provide virtual or in-person planning with Count Administrators and Team Leaders to plan for an effective switch to mobile technology. These sessions will review issues such as team management, requirements for training, ensuring accurate coverage, etc.

Although video trainings will be available for everyone, Simtech is available to provide virtual or in-person training for Team Leaders to ensure that the benefits of using mobile technology are maximized and that data clean up is minimized following the event.

Onsite Support
Simtech staff can be made available in person to support the entire count process.  This includes manning an onsite support desk to get volunteers set up and rolling with the app as well as supporting Regional Administrators, with the help of the Regional Command Center, throughout the day and night of the count.

Statistical Analysis
Through a strategic partnership with statistician Dan Treglia, PhD, we are able to support the needs of larger communities that are unable to conduct a full servey of each and every person living in the area.  The State of Connecticut is now able to produce a reliable statewide estimate of people experiencing homelessness while only having to conduct surveys in 527 of the state's 2581 census tracts (or roughly 1/5th of the state).  More details on this offering can be found here.

Report, Chart, and Dashboard Creation 
Simtech staff have the technical abilities to provide a wide-range of reports, charts, and dashboards to highlight key findings and visually demonstrate year over year trends.

Report Writing Services 
Many regions choose to produce a formalized report that may include an overview of the count process and to share the findings.   Simtech staff can either be tasked to write up this report or can be tasked to write key sections to be integrated within the final report.

Data Warehousing 
Data warehousing services, which leverage our platform, to produce the final HUD Point in Time report off of data gathered from the Counting Us app, from HMIS, and from data collected by providers that serve victims of domestic violence.  The framework used to support this process is described in detail here