The logic for the HUD-compliant Point in Time report is built directly into how data is captured in the app and the Command Center.  For the Unsheltered Point in Time Report, only locations that are places not meant for human habitation are to be included.  Although regions may be asking the question slightly differently, the "Where are you sleeping?" question is used to make this determination.  

If the sleeping location question is answered, it has to be one of the following for the survey record to be included in the Unsheltered Point in Time report:

  • Street or sidewalk
  • Vehicle
  • Park
  • Abandoned Building
  • Bus, train station, airport
  • Outdoor encampment
  • Under bridge/ overpass
  • Other

If a response is entered that meets the criteria for a sheltered project (Emergency Shelter or Transitional Housing), it will NOT be included in a Sheltered Point in Time Report from the Command Center. To capture this person's information, he or she will need to either have a "Sheltered" survey conducted for projects that are using the Counting Us app for the point in time, or their information will need to be captured in the region's HMIS. 

It is important to note that these records will still appear in the Export File regardless of the response to the "Where are you sleeping?" question.