The entire data set can be filtered in the view and also exported to Excel, where the data can be further sorted and filtered on any field to help verify data and identify errors. Some regions send portions of the data to local providers or “PIT leads,” to review and mark up.

You can access the filter and Export to CSV buttons on the Responses tab in the Command Center and both are available from both the Map and List views.



You can export all of the fields, or select custom fields, into Excel, and you can export all of the records, or just the ones that have been filtered using any of the filtering techniques. By default, the data filters any archived records.


Once the data is in Excel, you can analyze it within the spreadsheet or export it into other programs for deeper analysis and visualization. Common techniques such as filtering and sorting by columns allow you to understand the data. If you have custom questions in your survey, this is where you will find the responses. Click on the "data" tab to find the sorting and filtering tabs.