Point-in-Time Evaluation Dashboards

This public-facing dashboard utilizes historical Point-In-Time (PIT) and Housing Inventory Chart (HIC) data provided by HUD, as well as the results from the current year’s count, to provide an overview of the demographic characteristics to support ongoing trend analysis in the region’s sheltered and unsheltered homeless population.

Our customizable PIT Evaluation Dashboards provide the community with critical data in the form of a readily accessible and easy-to-read interactive display. Turning raw data into visual information is a proven and powerful tool to communicate the magnitude and nature of homelessness in the region, while also functioning as a platform to conduct in-depth analysis of homelessness trends, contributing factors, anomalies, correlations, and outcomes. Equipped with actionable information, communities have a more comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced in the homelessness response system leading to evidence-based decision-making, resource allocation, service planning, policy development, coordination of services, advocacy, and more.

An example of our National PIT Dashboard can be accessed on this page.