Webinar Q&A

The following questions were from attendees during the January 6, 2021 "Finalizing your 2021 PIT Count by Simtech Solutions" webinar. Answers have been provided here for your convenience.

Q: Is there a resource for shelters doing the Sheltered Count that must have confidential addresses?

A: Yes. We have an optional resource for DV providers that can be found under Additional Resources on this page: https://pointintime.info/support/simtech-resources/

Q: Where can we learn more about Miracle Messages?

A: Visit Miracle Messages online or please feel free to message Kevin Adler at kevin@miraclemessages.org.

Q: Can we tailor the unsheltered brief survey to meet our local needs or to make changes due to COVID-19?  

A: Surveys can be customized within reason to meet local needs. We also have a brief version of the Unsheltered Survey and we also have an updated version of the Observation tool based on the new resource from HUD. Please contact us at PIT@simtechsolutions.com to discuss customization.

Q: If someone surveyed is sleeping in a Permanent Housing location, does the Unsheltered Survey continue or does it stop someone from continuing the survey?

A: The template survey logic for persons who are permanently housed ends the survey.

Q: Is the volunteer registration included with all contracts?

A: Volunteer Registration is an additional feature with a cost associated with it. Learn more about the feature here.

Q: Can the information collected by Counting Us be uploaded to the HMIS system?

A: We do offer additional tools and resources that can pull together data from multiple sources, including HMIS. Writing into HMIS is something that usually needs to be worked out with the vendors. There's more information about the aggregation tools here: https://pointintime.info/support/regional-pit-reporting/.

Q: Will Counting Us work on all platforms? Laptop, phone, tablet, apple or android etc?

A: Counting Us can be downloaded to a mobile device from Google Play or the Apple app store. It can also be accessed online at Counting.us.

Q: Can one set of log-in credentials be used for multiple devices for the sake of streamlining install and then issuing devices?

A: It is recommended that each unique enumerator to have their own login credentials for data quality and monitoring purposes. However, please send us an email at PIT@SimtechSolutions.com and we can discuss your needs in more detail.

Q: Is there a limited number of people who can access Counting Us?

A: There isn't a limit to the number of users. Each user just needs to register and create an account.

Q: Are login credentials something that must be assigned by a Count Admin or something assigned to them when they register app?

A: When a user registers with the app, it creates their login credentials automatically. They will need to enter their name, email address, cell phone number, and create a password. What they will need from the Count Admin is the Setup key to join the count. Here is a link to a step-by-step cheat sheet for users on how to get started with Counting Us and there is a quick Getting Started with Counting Us video on this page that explains how to download, register, login, and get started with the surveys.

Q: Are there videos available for volunteer training?

A: We have a video library available here: https://pointintime.info/support/instructional-videos/. Please check back frequently as we often add new content.

Counting Us & Point in Time Count FAQs 

See our general frequently asked questions page for more FAQs. Below are a few relevant FAQS to the 
Finalizing your 2021 PIT Count by Simtech Solutions Webinar.

Q: What if our region decides not to conduct the 2021 Point in Time Count? 

A: Given the uncertainty surrounding the 2021 Count due to the pandemic and other factors, we understand that communities would benefit from flexibility in planning.  While we believe the 2021 Count can be conducted safely and effectively (see here) we will provide a credit for any services not provided if your community decides not to conduct the 2021 homeless count. More details on the tools and services that this credit can be applied can be found here

Q: What updates have been made to the tech recently? 

A: Your voices are heard! The feedback we have received from count admins and volunteers have resulted in this list of new features that have recently been added to the Counting Us app and the Command Center.