Webinar Q&A

The following questions were from attendees during the December 8, 2020 "Incorporating HUD Guidance on Conducting a Safe and Effective PIT During COVID" webinar. Answers have been provided here for your convenience.

Q: Our understanding from HUD is that we shouldn't make assumptions about demographics if we are doing an observation only tally--can those fields be disabled in the app?

A: The observation tally can be customized to only include the fields you'd like to collect. 

Q: Are you going to go into detail with the app - and how to enter the data?

A: There will be another webinar on January 6, 2021. Here are a few resources to help you get started beyond our webinar series:

In addition, included in your contract is one virtual training to count administrators. Please contact us at PIT@Simtechsolutions.com for questions or to schedule your training.

Q: Can we tailor the unsheltered brief survey to meet our local needs?  

A: Surveys can be customized within reason to meet local needs. Please contact us at PIT@simtechsolutions.com to discuss customization.

Q: Is it possible to import data from providers who aren't comfortable using anything besides paper?

A: Currently we don't have a way to export external PIT data into the Command Center, but we do have tools to help with the aggregation process and bring results from different sources together to create one final regional PIT report. You can read more about the tools we have available here.

There is also a web based version of CountingUs as well, so the data could be collected on paper and then submitted as surveys through the web version after the fact.

Q: How is Show the Way priced?

A: Please send us a message at team@simtechsolutions.com. We'd be happy to talk through pricing options for Show the Way, based on local circumstances and needs.

Q: When do we need to purchase the app to ensure that we have it available to use (with any optional features we choose) for the January count?

A: We recommend getting started as early as possible to ensure you have ample time to plan for your PIT Count. However, we don't have a set cut-off time for contracting. Please reach out, even if it's later in the planning season, and we'll talk through options with you!

Q: How is the PII data entered in the app protected and or how long does Simtech Solutions store the data that was entered?

A: You can learn more about privacy and security here.

Counting Us & Point in Time Count FAQs 

See our general frequently asked questions page for more FAQs. Below are a few relevant FAQS to the Conducting a Safe & Effective PIT Count During COVID-19 Webinar.

Q: What if our region decides not to conduct the 2021 Point in Time Count? 

A: Given the uncertainty surrounding the 2021 Count due to the pandemic and other factors, we understand that communities would benefit from flexibility in planning.  While we believe the 2021 Count can be conducted safely and effectively (see here) we will provide a credit for any services not provided if your community decides not to conduct the 2021 homeless count. More details on the tools and services that this credit can be applied can be found here

Q: What updates have been made to the tech recently? 

A: Your voices are heard! The feedback we have received from count admins and volunteers have resulted in this list of new features that have recently been added to the Counting Us app and the Command Center.