• The Point In Time Report Generation Tool for Domestic Violence Projects The Violence Against Women's Act (VAWA) has restrictions against the hosting of victim information as a protective safeguard.  In order to adhere to this requirement, and still support accurate and efficient data collection and reporting, Simtech Solutions developed a free Excel-based tool.  Regional count administrators can share this tool with staff at domestic violence projects along with the guidance that they will need to enter in information about the clients they are serving for the night of the count as well as housing inventory details for their project.  Once the data entry is completed, the project staff will need to click "Create PDF", save the report, and email the report back to the count administrator. Under no circumstances should this Excel tool be emailed with client information contained within it.  
  • The Point in Time Results File Generation Tool was created to assist regions with compiling count information from multiple sources, as explained in detail here, by providing an alternate means to get PIT results into the Point in Time Results File Format.  To use this tool, simply enter the results from your Point in Time report into this tool.  Once done, click "Export Results" and this will generate a file that is in the proper format. 

    This tool can also be used as a means of providing updated information to Simtech, ahead of HUD's public release of the PIT results for all regions across the US, in order to have your region's PIT trends be updated within the National PIT Trend Dashboard.  If you are done with your count and would like to update your PIT trends with your final count figures, please submit a ticket to the helpdesk and include either the results file or the tool itself along with your request to have your region's trend information updated.