Count Team Management support a sub-region view into the data for local Count Team Administrators by showing only the data that has been collected by users that are assigned to their particular team. Enabling this enhanced feature allows local leaders to engage in the Count by being able to log into the Regional Command Center and monitor and maintain incoming data submitted by members of their team. This encourages local control without exposing data for the entire region and helps to spread out the responsibility of managing the count.

The image below illustrates how the Count Team areas can be defined within the Command Center using a variety of shape files.  In this example, US Census Tracts are being selected to define the area to be covered by the "CAP 1" Count Team.  The designated area can be exported in "KML" format which can then be opened in mapping tools such as Google Earth, Google Maps, and OpenGIS. 

If the feature is enabled, volunteers will be prompted to select the Count Team that they have been assigned to after they register an account within Counting Us.  When the designated Count Team Admin logs into the Command Center, he/she will be able to see and manage the surveys that were submitted by members of their team.