The regional dashboard, and the data export from the Command Center, include all surveys conducted during the point in time count.  This includes surveys conducted where the person indicates they are sleeping in a place meant for human habitation, surveys conducted outside of the geographic boundaries of the CoC, and surveys that were submitted even if a respondent indicated that they had already completed a survey.

The Point in Time (PIT) Report however will ignore these records as the report follows the strict guidance established by HUD for which people are to be counted.  Details on the sleeping locations that are included within the PIT report, and which are to excluded, can be found here.  The PIT report will ignore any surveys that were conducted outside of the geographic boundaries of the CoC and there will be no data for people who have completed the survey already.

Regions that have opted to include the survey to tally vehicles and structures that appear to be serving as temporary living accommodations will also see these counts within the command center.  The filter feature shown below can be used to show or ignore these records from the command center totals.