Sometimes a survey is submitted that shouldn't have been. Perhaps the person was already counted, or they are being transported to shelter and will be picked up in the HMIS data for the night of the Count. Whatever the reason to exclude a survey, it can be archived. Similarly, if a survey was mistakenly archived, it can be unarchived. If a survey is archived, it is no longer visible in the Command Center and any reports.

To archive/ unarchive a survey, first open it from either the List or Map view in the Command Center. Click on either pinpoint on the map, or the row on the list, then click "Archive":




Once the record is opened, you can include a reason. This helps ensure that records are archived for a legitimate reason within the Count:




If a record was accidently archived and needs to be unarchived, use the filter to show all Archived records:



Then click on the record that you want and click "Restore":