Pricing is based on the size of the region and what, if any, additional features or services are to be included.  The standard suite of tools and services includes everything a region needs to produce a HUD-compliant Point in Time report.  Additional tools and services are available for regions with more complex needs.  Please contact us if you would like to arrange a virtual meeting with a member of our team so that we can discuss your needs and provide you with a price estimate.  

Counting Us Mobile App - Core Features

The Counting Us mobile app is available for an unlimited number of volunteers to download from either Google Play or the Apple App Store.  Key features found within the standard offering include...

  • Unsheltered Surveys to gather the answers to the key questions required by HUD to be asked of both individuals and households experiencing homelessness;
  • Observation Tally forms to collect information on people believed to be homeless but who cannot be engaged;
  • Shelter Surveys to be used by providers that do not participate in HMIS;
  • Ability to assign GPS coordinates to the location of the interaction;
  • Offline capabilities that enable the Counting Us app to work in areas without cell service. 
  • Support for data entry via any web browser by visiting http://www.Counting.Us

Point in Time Regional Command Center - Core Features

The Point in Time Regional Command Center provides Count Administrators with a full suite of tools to manage the entire count process.  Key features include...

  • Real-time monitoring of the count with the aid of intuitive maps, lists, and dashboards. 
  • Ability to easily switch between test and live mode.  This enables users to "field test" the app prior to the real count date. 
  • Data management tools to enable Count Administrators to revise incoming data as necessary;
  • Ability to produce HUD-compliant Point in Time Reports over data collected for both sheltered and unsheltered populations;
  • Incorporation of shape files to denote the geographic boundaries of the region;
  • An "Export Data" function to allow for data to be analyzed using other tools such as Tableau or Excel;
  • The ability to archive records for people who were served in shelters, deemed not homeless, or counted more than once;
  • The ability to filter lists of data on multiple fields, and export just the filtered data
  • The ability to filter lists of data by geographic region, and run HUD-compliant reports over geographic subsets of a region such as City, County, or zip code; 

Support Services

The staff at Simtech Solutions are recognized experts in supporting the work of regions in quantifying the extent of homelessness in their community.  Our professional services agreement include both a license to use the tools described above as well as access to our support services before, during, and after the count.  The services we provide to ensure your count is an accurate and efficient one include...

  • Access to online training sessions, technical support materials, and our virtual help desk;
  • Virtual help desk support services throughout the night of your count;
  • Virtual help desk assistance after the count to help ensure the accuracy of the region's report to HUD.

Additional Features and Services

Additional services are available to support all aspects of the HUD Point in Time Count.  More details on the variety of services available to support your region's count can be found here

The Counting Us app can also be modified to support youth counts, counting of vehicles and encampments, and to have the survey questions tailored to meet local requirements.  The Regional Command Center can also be tailored to help support volunteer registration, manage count teams, and to perform advanced statistical analysis.  Please click here for more details on these optional features.