The Counting Us mobile app for the Point in Time Count can be used during the planning phase to gather feedback from the community that can be used by regional administrators from within the Command Center.  This process is done using the Known Locations survey, where pins will be placed by count team leaders, outreach teams, first responders, and other partners, to identify areas where it is likely that people experiencing homelessness will be found. 

The process reduces the back and forth during the planning phase by taking advantage of the graphical mapping features. 

An example of using the Counting Us app to submit a Known Location Survey is shown to the right.


In addition to utilizing the Known Locations Survey, these high probability areas can be defined with the aid of:

  • Last year’s PIT results;
  • Street Outreach data collected throughout the year using Show the Way; or, 
  • Inferential modeling based on other community factors, such as Area Median Income and Fair Market Rent.

Seen to the left, the region management functionality can be used by count planners to quickly review high probability areas against the data sources available in order to make any needed adjustments and designate those high and low probability areas, which then informs the sampling process. 

Once the high probability areas have been defined, we encourage you to send an email to so that we can work through the next steps together. 


If your community used a sampling methodology in past years within the Regional Command Center, the designations for each region can be reviewed and updated as needed!

These updates can be completed by both Count Administrators and Regional Administrators.