• My Count feature now available for Counting Us Mobile app users:
    • Track the number of surveys submitted
    • See how many drafts are ready for submission or need review
    • For communities signed on for Count Team and Region Management, users will see their Region and Team assignment!


Identify and Archive Duplicate Survey Records
  • Sheltered Provider Location
    • Within the Command Center, open a project to add an address. All projects that have location information stored within the Command Center no longer need to set their location in the Counting Us app. Sheltered Providers will select their Organization and Project, and be taken directly to the Sheltered Survey.
Custom Survey Tagging to Help Manage Incoming Data
    • Regions can now be color coded to help differentiate them from one another
    • Count Teams areas can be shaded to help discern one count team area from another
  • Reporting Over Custom Questions
    • Count Admins can filter the data sets to show just the records that have particular response values. The Point in Time Report can be produced, or data can be exported, just for those matching records.
  • Partnership with Miracle Messages to Support Family Reunification
    • Regions are able to have a "Family Reunification Survey" added, at no additional cost.  For those that consent to participate, their information will be shared with Miracle Messages where "digital detectives" will work to help reunite people experiencing homelessness with loved ones.