Simtech Solutions, Inc. has been developing tools and providing expert consulting to help communities respond more effectively to homelessness for twenty years. The PointInTime.Info website, the Counting Us mobile app, (also with web access), and the accompanying Command Center, were specifically designed as tools to support the annual Point in Time (PIT) homeless census. Simtech’s Counting Us is the only native app that was specifically built for the PIT and Simtech is solely dedicated to building tools to help communities respond to homelessness more effectively.  Simtech’s comprehensive offering of technology, reporting, and services is unique in this very niche market of HUD compliance and ending homelessness.

The Point in Time Count is mandated by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for all Continuum of Care (CoC) regions. HUD issues detailed guidance each year, so that the count captures information about the number of individuals and households experiencing homelessness.  This includes details on the number of unaccompanied youth and subpopulations such as veterans, chronically homeless, disabilities, domestic violence, and more.  These comprehensive counts allow communities, and HUD, to measure how their policies are reducing both the overall number of people experiencing homelessness, as well as those that are part of various subpopulations.

The final report that is submitted to HUD includes ten pages of details. While every community must produce the same report, each region has its own strengths and challenges to effectively canvas and obtain comprehensive and complete data.  The Counting Us mobile app, and the accompanying Regional Command Center that receives and manages data from it, are industry-proven.   Over 2400 volunteers from thirty regions used this technology to collect nearly 20,000 surveys during the 2018 point in time count and to successfully submit the Point in Time report to HUD. 

There is no other product in the market with this level of functionality, that meets both HUD’s requirements and the needs of the region, that is being used by such a broad client-base, or that is provided by a company with this level of experience with conducting and managing the annual HUD point in time count.