The Counting Us app now has the ability to require users enter a response for certain questions, and to personalize the survey questions displayed below based on the response that is selected.  The technical term for this is “conditional logic” and the way it works is pretty simple.  For example, in the Unsheltered Homeless Survey, volunteers are now required to select the appropriate age range of the person being surveyed.  If the person is 13 years of age or older, then all of the questions that are specific to adults and heads of households will be displayed.  If they are 12 or under however, then only the questions that are relevant for children will be shown.  Unlike paper, only the questions that are relevant to the person being surveyed will be shown. 

This PDF version of the survey shows which questions are required; when the interview should stop based on the responses; and which questions should not be asked of children.

Custom Surveys
Some regions are taking advantage of this with custom surveys to create entire sections for youth, criminal justice involvement, disaster-related homelessness, and more.  Please contact us for more details if you are interested in adding surveys to the app or revising the standard versions.