The Counting Us mobile app collects information that is used to generate both the sheltered and unsheltered Point In Time reports for HUD. The first question of the unsheltered survey is "What is your sleeping location on the night of the count?" The available answers include options for the street and places not meant for human habitation; options for sheltered homeless such as emergency shelter and transitional housing; and options for non-homeless situations such as permanent housing. The purpose of this question is to determine if the person is unsheltered.

For 2019, the standard survey has been set to end if the response to this question is anything other than an unsheltered homeless response. If the record is submitted with a location that does not meet the criteria for unsheltered, then the record is excluded from the unsheltered report.

There is a separate survey for sheltered projects that will not be contributing data from HMIS for the PIT. Count Administrators should plan on integrating survey selection into all trainings, ensuring that volunteers know which survey to administer to ensure that the final report is accurate.