Some people may complete multiple surveys for the PIT count, especially in communities where  incentives such as gift cards are offered to participants.  There are a few formulas in Microsoft Excel that, when used together, can make it easy to identify potential duplicates. The three step process for identifying potential duplicates shown below is as follows:

  1. Export the data from the command center (see this FAQ for guidance), sort the data by the unique identifiers to be used for identifying potential duplicates.  In the example below, the sort is by Date of Birth and Gender however you may also want to include Last Name.
  2. Use the =Concatenate(FirstField,SecondField,etc) formula to create a unique identifier off of the fields sorted by in step #1. 
  3. Use the =Exact formula to check for unique identifiers that match the unique identifier for the survey immediately preceding it. 

Potential matches will be marked as "TRUE" and can be highlighted by filtering for the data and changing the font to help the record stand out.  After reviewing the records marked as TRUE, any that are actually duplicates can be archived by following these instructions

Identifying Potential Duplicates in Excel