Volunteer Registration and Management: Regions have the option of adding a Volunteer Registration portal as a means of gathering key information from potential volunteers.  The landing page for the form can be tailored to share details of the local count including FAQs, links to training videos, and other helpful content.  After clicking "Register" volunteers will be presented with an intuitive form to provide contact information along with details that will help count admins create well-balanced count teams. 

Registration Forms, such as this one created for Spokane and this form developed for King County, integrate directly with the Volunteer and Count Team Management tools within the Command Center.  More information on these powerful tools can be found here.   

The information provided by registered volunteers  populates a screen within the Command Center that enables Count Administrators to…

  • View information gathered during the Volunteer Registration
  • Designate roles for volunteers (i.e. Captain, Driver)
  • If used in conjunction with regions, assign volunteers to Deployment Areas

Count administrators can also filter the list of volunteers, remove volunteers, and export a list of all volunteers to Excel.