Region Management: Counting Us technology leverages geo-location services on devices and the availability of shape files for the Command Center, so administrators can easily manage sub-regions and teams within a Count. Regions and teams can be managed independently, or along with the volunteer management feature, for a highly coordinated Count over a large area, or one that is densely populated.

This function will enable Count Administrators to collect and maintain key information on the various deployment centers across the CoC including: 

  • Details on the deployment center address
  • The geographic area to be covered
  • The established quota for designated count volunteers. 

Once established, and volunteers are assigned via the Volunteer Management function, key stats for each deployment center will also be displayed here. Such stats shall include details on total number of assigned volunteers, the goal, number of volunteers with cars, etc.

Count teams are subsets of regions and are set up and managed in the Command Center. Users can be added to teams and designated team administrators can be assigned, giving them access to surveys that were submitted only by members of their own team.